Facebook says goodbye to the Static FBML App

helloweb. Chris | 11/11/2013

Static FBML has provided the foundations for creating custom content on Facebook but this year the time came to wave goodbye to the ability to create any new custom content with this language. Now, the next step in Facebook’s bid to rid the world of it is about to be executed.

Hopefully, all in the development world has embraced the new, and adapted iFrames, HTML, CSS and Javascript that has provided a whole new world of functionality unrestricted by FBML. But for those who haven’t, your Facebook pages have probably taken another hit.

As of December 5th 2012, Facebook removed the static FBML page app and any static FBML tabs installed on your page will become lost in cyber space. Up until now these pages still had the ability to render plain HTML, but now you may notice a few of your tabs have gone astray. Facebook are encouraging developers to host their own content and set up tabs through the developers section of the site. So fear not, although what you had may be lost and you may have just been forced into upgrading your page tabs, the results of this new development process are undeniably better.