The Lego Phone

helloweb. Chris | 28/10/2013

Google-owned firm Motorola has took a leap into the unexpected and decided that a DIY phone is what the phone market needs.

Customising my phone has always been limited to a new case or cover but why stop there. The project proposes that you can have the power over how it looks, where and what it’s made of and how much it costs. Your choice of processer, display or keyboard, do you even need an extra battery? Each decision will be made by you and the pieces will fit together like a puzzle around what Motorola describes as an endoskeleton i.e. the frame that will keep the whole thing in one piece.

Will this stop you going buying a new phone when the existing hardware is out of date? Maybe it will. The modular structure of the device would mean that you can update individual parts as and when newer and more up-to-date technology is available.

It’s all sounds very clever but is there a market for build-it yourself technology?