We’re all going mobile!

helloweb. Chris | 21/11/2013

“What will life be like in 2013? As the 1st January 2013 is fast approaching everyone all of a sudden becomes psychic and can see into our future. We predict the hot trends for summer and the rate of economic growth and the world of technology is no different. Through the crystal ball of all experts in this field all they can see is mobile, mobile, mobile!!

Mobile Devices are expected to rise to the top and exceed PCs as the most common web access tools. 80% of the mobile phone market will be dominated by smartphones and tablets will account for 50% of laptop shipments by 2015. With devices becoming more integrated with cloud technology, we will be able to transfer data across all of our devices once enabling us to use our mobile devices for the majority of our online activity. Not only are we adapting what we use, we are adapting how we use them. Consumers are becoming progressively comfortable using their mobile devices to conduct e-commerce activity alongside other common activities such as social networking. So it is no wonder responsive web design is going to prove extremely popular in 2013. Adapting a site so that it re-sizes, and sometimes restructures, automatically for the screen size ensures your site can reach its audience no matter what device they are using and this is the perfect starting place for your mobile strategy.

So the key to success in 2013 seems to be in looking for opportunities where a mobile device can deliver return on investment. Chances are there is an opportunity for everyone with such a high proportion of the population being accessible on the go and Hello New Media are here to help. We have developed multiple responsive websites, including this one. So take a look at it on each of your devices and see exactly the flexibility that responsive web design can offer you.