Google’s Core Web Vitals. Is Your Site Ready?

helloweb. Chris | 07/05/2021

Today it’s all about user experience and in May 2021 Google will shake up all SEO rankings by officially adding new rules to their search engine’s policy. Is your website ready?

So, what does that mean for your website?

Google is introducing the new Core Web Vitals as part of the “Page Experience Update” and aims at providing a better service to users by showing more current, responsive, and relevant results. In turn, this is likely to affect most sites’ ranking. If so far, high-quality content has been king; there is now something else you need to watch out for to ensure you are not dropping your ranking.

From mobile usability to page loading speed, security, and readability, your users’ experience now counts more than ever!

What You Should Know 

While delayed by Covid-19, Google’s Core Web Vitals will launch in May 2021 and will introduce some official metrics to rank a site’s user experience. These metrics include:

– Page loading speed
– Page stability
– The time needed for the page to be interactive

Undoubtedly, this is not the last update that Google will release to improve user experience, and it is likely to be regularly adjusted. However, this first step represents an unmissable opportunity to make your users happier and win over poorly-run sites. 

While these changes can seem drastic, they don’t come without important opportunities. Indeed, your site now has the chance to increase visitor streams from Google News Reader and refining your branding.

Let The Team at helloweb. Help You Get Ready For The Change

With over 25 years of experience in web development and design, we have seen every Google update come and change the rules of the game. At helloweb, we know that a sudden change that takes your site by surprise can have drastic consequences on your ranking, traffic streams, and visibility. 

That is why we are committed to helping you get ready for the changes that Core Web Vitals will bring. Based in Cheshire, our friendly team of developers and designers can perform a thorough Health Check, recommend the SEO changes to make, and help you keep hold of your ranking!

For more details on a website health check please email or call 01925 819454