A bite-sized file for supersized problems

helloweb. Chris | 27/04/2021

The devil is in the details, and a stylish animation might just be the kind of detail you need to get your site the attention it deserves. To attract a user’s attention, provide an element of delight, and even occupy time whilst a task is loading, animations provides a creative spark to make your website memorable and noteworthy.

However, traditionally there have been a lot of issues in implementing animated features to web pages. Large, unscalable, and challenging to implement into your average webpage, but eyecatching if done correctly. The implementation of animation has long been a troublesome task for website developers and designers alike; however, the emergence of a new file format is transforming how we add an aesthetic edge to our sites.

Now this, is where LottieFiles enter the picture, small, multiplatform, animation files. At helloweb. we create all of our online animations via Lottie, allowing us to develop rich, visually appealing animations in a fraction of the file size. Lottie is a JSON-based file format that will enable designers to quickly and easily transfer animations onto any platform, just the same as you would with any static assets.

600% smaller in comparison to a GIF and 10X faster to load and play, Lottiefiles are the obvious choice when planning to implement animations into your web pages. These puppy-sized animations work on any platform or device and can be easily scaled to size without pixelation. Lottie allows for high-quality animations on multiple platforms and resolutions by mixing vector, raster elements then applying transformations at run-time.

Here at helloweb. we use our favourite design software, Adobe After Effects, to create stunning yet simple animations in-house to amplify your website’s style factor. These animations are usable on both web and mobile pages to make for a delightfully smooth user experience.

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