Creating a unique brand personality for each area of the company.


Estate Research - Genealogy Matters


Branding, Web Design and Print



The Estate Research team were stuck in a rut with their existing branding and website, so contacted us to give them a fresh perspective on it. They wanted to retain their credibility in the professional services sector whilst also turning the volume up on their distinctive personality. We also needed to find a solution to illustrate the company’s services and specialisms in a comprehensible way.

There were certain assets that were integral to their brand, so we used those as an anchor for all of our additional concepts. We began by creating a logo and brand guidelines, which then meant we could concentrate on the website. This client needed a site that would be functional for numerous user demographics but also could be easily edited and maintained by different team members. It was these requirements that made us decide to use WordPress. The outcome is a modern, user-friendly website which maximises their recognisable logo and complimentary palette to stand out in the industry.