Littlewood’s Own Christmas



As the core of the idea was to enhance the campaign socially it was important we considered the apps function across platforms from the start. We had to ensure its usability no matter the size of the device so it was designed in a manner that would allow the applications to be built to automatically adjust, not requiring countless bespoke versions for each screen size.

Designing for multiple platforms

When Littlewoods approached us with the concept we couldn’t wait to be involved. In order to support their Christmas 2016 campaign the Littlewoods team wanted to develop an application that allowed their followers to own the Christmas walk. 

We’ve gone code crazy!

In the mere 4 weeks it took to produce we packed in a whole lot of code. We covered the function for data capture, image uploads from all devices to one or all of the 6 characters, the ability to scale and rotate your image, background selection, final image generator and sharing on twitter, Facebook, via email, print and download.