Estate Research


Web development



Estate Research is a client we have had a long relationship with, setting up their brand identity, building their web presence and producing all their marketing literature.

It’s nice when clients grow and get more successful, especially when we go on that journey with them and get the opportunity to refine and update their brand. As part of this journey we recently updated the digital portfolio and the results, well, we think the Estate Research new website looks great.

A unique look and feel for their business sector

As with all branding following the heard is always a bad move. Setting out your own personality is always the best way and that’s just what has been done with the Estate Research website. The client felt strongly that the imagery had to be compelling and memorable so a photographer, Gerrard Charles Gethings was commissioned to create just that. The new imagery brought very emotive strength to each of the pages on the site and developed that individuality that was needed for the Estate Research.

Making it all work everywhere, always

Here at Hello Web we understand that it’s not enough just to build a website that looks wonderful and has all the whistles and bells. It also needs to work on every device, every browser and network.

We spend as long in the testing and fault finding stages as we do in the design stage. It’s important also that the website hosting we offer is robust and has fail safes built in for total peace of mind, that’s why we spend our time and expertise to work all this out so you don’t have to worry.