Blackmore Gallery


Brand and website development



Blackmore Gallery is a small independent art gallery that represents artists who specialise in paint, ceramics and sculpture.

Our aim was to create a brand that was clean, modern and confident but also represented the creative process well.

Piecing together the logo

We wanted to use the artist’s process of collecting ideas, experience and emotions to ‘piece’ together their work. To do this we broke up an existing typeface, piecing it back together to create the Blackmore logo and its new bespoke typeface. 

As part of building this brand identity we had to consider its use across all collateral. From stationery and the shopfront to marketing materials and a mobile app. 

Building the digital platform

As part of their digital presence, Blackmore Gallery required a fully functional e-commerce website. Our solution provided them with a website that has the flexibility to update all aspects of their shop and to curate the contents of their website at ease. Automated emailing, ensures the customer is kept up to date with the progress of their order with minimal input from the Blackmore team.