Website hosting

helloweb. Chris | 12/02/2016

The Platform

Perfectly designed for scalable hosting, our system is continuously audited and updated to ensure we provide the best service. Out platform meets demanding security requirements and is consistently monitored to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and closed in optimum time. It utilises a unique caching system so you content is served efficiently and enables it to cope with high levels of traffic.


Snapshots are taken daily and are easily accessed and restored in the event you need to recover your site. Alongside this we take daily backups that are stored separately to your site. These offsite backups even contain your media and are duplicated for even greater redundancy.

Threat Detection

We protect against garden variety attacks and imply stringent rule sets to help us to identify and protect our sites from attacks before they happen. We dynamically detect and block any activity identified as malicious and ensure we keep an up-to-date blocked list for IPs linked to known spammers and hackers.


All of our websites can benefit from a highly scalable architecture utilising multiple firewalls to protect you from external attacks and constant network analysis monitoring. Ensuring the server is properly configured is critical to securing your website. Our finely tuned technology stack ensures optimal performance and we employ numerous provisions such as PHP tuning to reject any danger or insecure commands at server level.

Auditing and Testing

All environments are periodically subject to code reviews and audits and working with a third party to conduct these guarantees the best practices are always in place. We also frequently conduct vulnerability testing and penetration testing in order to cover all bases.


Our solution is capable of handling high traffic loads and is built to maximise your up-time. The automated back-ups provide a restore point for your site that can be put in place quickly and easily. In the event of any technical issues, we have access to 24/7 support so we can ensure your site downtime is kept to a minimum.