Open Graph – What is it and what can it do for you?

helloweb. Chris | 12/02/2014

When people use Facebook they share their information. When people use Facebook apps on their PC or laptop or on their mobile or tablet they create a profile: the music they listen to, the films they see, the tv they watch, the brands they love and so on.

Apps that connect to the Facebook Open Graph enable people to share what they like with their friends. When friends see these stories they have an opportunity to interact with the app thus increasing its reach.

How it works

When someone adds your app to their Timeline or downloads an app that uses Open Graph the app’s specific actions are shared on Facebook via the Open Graph. If someone goes back and uses the app on a regular basis these actions are more prominently displayed throughout Timeline, News Feed and Ticker. This enables your app to become a key part of the Facebook experience for people and their friends.

At Hello we integrate Open Graph to all our Facebook apps. We can pull information about the user and build user profiles. We can even link them back to your own database.

Let Hello create your next social campaign. Whether you just want to increase followers or improve your customer relationship management profiles we have the solution.