Facebook Graph Search

helloweb. Chris | 30/03/2013

It was unveiled last week that Facebook have been busy developing their own internal search engine designed to examine your own social network for specifics. Labelled Graph Search, Facebook users will be able to question Facebook’s knowledge base in plain English. Using the data that we as users give Facebook with every point in our profiles and every post, check-in or like. They have developed a manner in which we can gather information but this time it is tailored to you. Facebook knows enough about you to provide results that take into consideration our social data. Requesting a place to eat will return those places ‘liked’ and ‘checked in’ most by your friends. But does this make the information shared of more value?

Unfortunately if your social network is a bit thin on the ground, you won’t gain much insight from Graph Search. To gain more we have to give more. Being more open to providing information about ourselves, but this involves an essential change in the way users behave. No easy feat.