Facebook Competitions

helloweb. Chris | 30/08/2014

1: Know your audience
Developing a great competition for your social side has to appeal to your demographic, there’s no point giving prizes that don’t appeal to your audience. Remember people are on your social sites because they like your products or services so give a price that’s relevant.

2: Keep it simple
When you design your competition keep it as simple as possible, making people jump through too many steps and they will bail on you. If it has to be complicated try to make it as much fun as possible and let everyone know how many steps they need to take.

3: Keep it social
Make sure everyone can share the app with all of their friends. One thing people love is being the first to tell everyone about something fun or cool.

4: Let everyone know
Just because you have built a cool competition doesn’t mean everyone will flock to it. Develop a feature post for when it goes live, if its to run for a limited time run more post or tweets to let everyone know that time is running out. If your app seems to be lagging consider other ways to drive traffic to your competition, maybe an email mail shot or consider advertising on Facebook to promote it.

5: Get them coming back again and again

Consider building in a mechanic to get people coming back to see their ranking or see who else is entering.