Consumption of information

helloweb. Chris | 30/11/2013

The way we consume modern media these days is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers It’s no longer enough to just have a website and hope it’s engaging enough to set you apart from the crowd. Your customers want to be engaged on every level, they demand access to information on the go, the lines between work and leisure are being blurred. So what does this mean to your business? For one it means the information you have about your business, products or services needs to be accessible on all devices, we no longer just use PC’s to surf the web, order online or find the name of that guy who’s in the film you’ve just seen.

As a business we have developed a number of services we can offer to our clients:

Portable document technology. This allows clients with large catalogues or brochures to offer sectional downloads that are topped and tailed with company information with every download. This allows for smaller downloads and a way to capture individual data and marketing information for that person.

Email mailshots. We deliver effective and quantifiable email campaigns to all your potential clients. The trackable results help you tailor future campaigns to make them work harder and smarter.

Social media. We develop and build engaging and effective competitions that are fully compliant to all social media standards. With all data held securely and daily or weekly reports supplied so we can track the success of the campaign.

Compatibility checks. With all technology it’s imperative that what you create has been checked and works properly. With the ever increasing array of web browsers and devices we try to ensure everything we do is compatibility checked to the most robust standards.