A flexible phone??

helloweb. Chris | 30/12/2013

The rumour mill is abuzz with strangely exciting news about yet another technological development that may be about to pop up in 2013. The flexible phone!

Yes you read correctly, a new bendy design is about to hit the market and Samsung are seemingly leading the race and for the clumsier of us, it couldn’t come soon enough. Every time we drop our phones, we tentatively pick them up and pray that when we turn it over the screen is still intact. But not anymore, once we have one of these in our pockets, worry not. Drop it, bend it, squish it and roll it, you won’t damage it!

After Samsung has demonstrated prototypes in the past, and many other companies are rumoured to be developing this technology. It won’t be long and reports are we may even see this in the looming Samsung Galaxy S4? Essential feature, or just the next sales gimmick? Only time will tell.